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The strength of the SKL lies in the multidisciplinary nature of the team – drawing from the expertise of over 20 faculty members in the Schools of Science and Engineering. Our faculty members are internationally recognized with outstanding professional and scientific credentials. They possess a wealth of research experience in the molecular and cellular neurobiology, receptor pharmacology, cell signaling, and structural biology. A list of existing SKL members is as follows:
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Name & Affiliation
  Research Interest
Division of Life Science
Nancy Y. Ip, Chair Professor & CAS Academician   Molecular Neurobiology and Neuro-drug Discovery
Randy Y.C. Poon, Chair Professor   Cell Signaling
Karl W.K. Tsim, Chair Professor   Molecular Neurobiology
Yung Hou Wong, Chair Professor   Cell Signaling and Neuro-drug Discovery
Mingjie Zhang, Adjunct Professor & CAS Academician   Molecular Neurobiology
Pingbo Huang, Professor   Signal Transduction
Andrew L. Miller, Professor   Cell Development
Robert Z. Qi, Professor   Proteomics
Zilong Wen, Professor   Cell Development
Zhenguo Wu, Professor   Cell Signaling
Jun Xia, Professor   Molecular Neurobiology
Guang Zhu, Professor   Structural Biology
Tom H.T. Cheung, Associate Professor   Molecular Mechanism of Stem Cell Quiescence
Kenny K. Chung, Associate Professor   Molecular Neurobiology
Chun Liang, Associate Professor   Cell Signaling
Kai Liu, Associate Professor   Molecular Neurobiology
Amy K.Y. Fu, Research Associate Professor   Molecular Neurobiology and Neuro-drug Discovery
Hyokeun Park, Associate Professor   Cellular Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Jiguang Wang, Associate Professor   Biocomputation
Danny Leung, Assistant Professor   Epigenomics and Epigenetics
Angela Wu, Assistant Professor   Single cell genomics and organ-on-chip
Department of Chemistry
Benzhong Tang, Chair Professor & CAS Academician   Polymer Chemistry
Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
Jianan Qu, Professor   Biomedical Engineering
  The State Key Laboratory of Neuroscience aims to become one of the world’s leading research hub in neuroscience research. From Bench to Bedside - Towards The Treatment of Debilitating Neurological Disorders Through The Discovery of Novel Neuro-Drugs.  
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