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13-14 January 2011
Joint Annual Meeting and Symposium with the State Key Laboratory (SKL) of Neuroscience, Shanghai
A Joint Annual Meeting and Symposium between the SKL of Molecular Neuroscience and the SKL of Neuroscience was held from 13 to 14 January 2011 at the Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai. The two groups met in the afternoon of 13 January to discuss and explore a future long-term collaborative relationship. A joint symposium was held on the following day. A total of twelve (12) speakers from the two institutions presented their research work on neuroscience.

Speakers from SKL of Molecular Neuroscience (HKUST)

·        Prof Kenny Chung

Nitrosative stress and protein aggregation in Parkinson’s disease

·        Prof Kai Liu

Intrinsic mechanisms of axonal regeneration: PTEN/mTOR pathway

·        Prof Zilong Wen

“Microglia in zebrafish neurogenesis”

·        Prof Zhenguo Wu

Pax7BP, a novel adaptor that bridges Pax7 and H3K4 histone methyltransferase in proliferating myoblasts

·        Prof Jun Xia

PICK1 regulates the trafficking of ASIC1a and acidotoxicity in a BAR domain lipid binding-dependent manner

·        Prof Mingjie Zhang

Scaffold proteins in neuronal signaling


Speakers from SKL of Neuroscience (ION, Shanghai)

·        Dr Jianwei Jiao

Studies of transdifferentiation and neural stem cells

·        Prof Morgan Sheng (Neuroscience Genentech Inc.)

Life and death of synapses

·        Dr Yousheng Shu

Digital and analog communication between cortical neurons

·        Dr Zuoren Wang

Circuitry mechanism underlying sensory information processing

·        Dr Zhiqi Xiong

Molecular mechanisms of epileptogenesis

·        Dr Xiaobing Yuan

Traction and guidance mechanisms for neuronal migration

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